Discounts understands that tight budgets may deter you from getting the writing assistance you need, and that we are just a bit more expensive that most – we have to be because our writers are exceptional and so highly qualified.

Our Discounts

We do try to offset costs a bit, however, by offering a great discount plan to both new and returning customers. Take a look at where you “fit” and be sure to claim your discount. Take advantage of these great offers!

First-Time Customers

You will be awarded a discount as a welcoming gift from us. The discount is calculated automatically as you place and submit your order!

Returning Customers

Clients qualify for “returning customers” status based upon the number of orders they place within a year’s time or based upon a single very large order (e.g., dissertation). To see if you qualify, contact our customer service department.

Special Discounts and Sales

Periodically, we publish special discounts or sale pricing on our website. And, if you are on our mailing list, you will get notification of these as soon as they are published. In any case, be sure to check the site when you come to place your order – there may be a coupon waiting for you!

Lifetime Discount

We reward loyal customers with consistent discounts that are based upon the number of orders place, as well as the size of individual orders. These discounts can range from 5 – 15%.

EXTRA 5 % off You are eligible for 5% life-time discount when you order 10 orders in total 10+ Orders
SPECIAL 10 % off You are eligible for 10% life-time discount when you order 15 orders in total 15+ Orders
COOL 15 % off You are eligible for 15% life-time discount when you order 20 orders in total 20+ Orders
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