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What are Essay Writers for Hire?

Essay writers for hire are professional writers that help students in need of academic assistance by writing their essays, term papers, research papers, and other academic content for them. Ideally these writers have college degrees, writing experience, and a calling to help  others. Before you hire a writer, it is very important to verify their credentials and the company they work for.

Professional Essay Writers from are Background Checked, Tested, and Trained

Many professional essay writers want to work for us, but only a few meet our rigorous requirements. When a writer submits a resume to us, we review it thoroughly. If they don’t have a college degree, their application is immediately rejected. This is also the case if they don’t have some professional writing experience or a record of being published in an academic journal. We also verify every claim made on each resume so that nobody is able to misrepresent themselves. This is only the first phase of our hiring process. The next phase is testing. Every writer that we hire to become an online essay writer is also tested. We require a writing sample and give tests to verify that each staff writer is fluent in spoken and written English. Finally, if the writer has made it that far (most do not) they are hired on as probationary writers. In order to make it through their probationary period, writers must go through our training program, work with a senior writer, and demonstrate an ability to communicate professionally, kindly, and productively with our clients. Any writer who makes it through all of this is guaranteed to be an asset to our team and to any student they assist in the future.

The Dangers of Hiring Writers Online

When you hire writers online you take on certain risks. This means that you must do your due diligence so that you know who and what you are dealing with. Students who hire disreputable companies are at risk for the following:

  • Purchasing Papers that have been Plagiarized
  • Having their Personal or Financial Information Stolen
  • Receiving Low-Quality Work
  • Missing Deadlines
  • Being Accused of Academic Dishonesty
  • Dealing with Incompetent or Rude Writers

This is why it is so important to check out the qualifications and the reputation of any online writing services. Pay especially close attention to the guarantees that they offer and customer testimonials. Testimonials and Guarantees

We are very happy to say that the comments we receive from customers are overwhelmingly positive. We invite anybody visiting our website to check out our customer testimonials. After all, what better way to gain confidence in a company than to listen to what their customers have to say? Customer testimonials can be seen by clicking the link at the top of our home page. If you are still unconvinced, take a moment to read about our guarantees. When you hire writers online from, you are eligible for the following guarantees:

  • Free revisions until you are completely satisfied
  • Money back originality guarantee
  • Refunds or credits if your paper is later or we cannot deliver it

Unlike many other writing services, we back our claims of originality with a verified originality report. This originality report matches the report that schools all over the world use to validate that papers are completely original.

How our Essay Writing Services Work

When you submit your first order to, you will create a personal customer account. You will log into this account to make payments, check on the status of any essay assignments and communicate with your writer. This means entering in some personal and financial information, but don’t worry. We keep all information on secured servers and only use a professional payment processor that guarantees your financial security. Once you create your account, you will fill out the order form. This is where you tell us all about the essay assignment you would like one of our professional writers for hire to complete for you. Remember, the more detailed you are, the better.

Once your order is received, it is reviewed by a customer service representative. This individual is trained to cross match your assignment with a writer in our database who is highly qualified to work on your paper. Once the match is made, your order is forwarded to that writer.

The next step in the process is the writer review.  Your writer will review your request and then contact you with questions or simply begin working on your essay. Believe it or not, in many cases it takes just a few minutes from the time you place an order to the time a writer begins the research required to start your essay.

Our Open Communication Policy

Many companies with writers for hire online require you to go through a customer service representative whenever you have a question for your writer. We believe this is a waste of time and causes confusion. This is why we facilitate direct communications between writers and customers.

Our Writing Samples

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Doug, Sacramento Dissertation Methodology, Science, 22 pages, 5 days, Ph.D.

Everything was fantastic. I can't believe that these words people say regarding their dissertations. Fortunately, I met this company and got my research part of Chemistry dissertation. My colleagues considered this research to be the newest one, and I got my PhD. I will always remember you with a smile!

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Get Academic Help really helped me out! As a freshman I knew nothing about how to write a really good essay that would be relevant to my academic level. So I decided to hire essay writer. I'm happy I've chosen you! The paper brought me "A" and the writer explained me all the important details. Thanks!

Jim, Kingstown Essay, Admission, 1 page, 18 hours, Freshman

Thanks Get Academic Help for the great essay. It's like I wrote it. I got admitted in the Univ I wanted to get without too much troubles of worrying.

Alison, Kansas city Essay, English, 12 pages, 6 hours, Junior

My English exam was real challenge to me,and I had no idea how to pass it on "B".I had an essay on 12 pages, and though I ordered "Freshmen", I received an amazing Master's paper.


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