All About GetAcademicHelp.net

  • What types of writing can I get?

    Just about anything you need! We have been serving students for years, and so we have had virtually every type of writing request that might come from an academic environment from high school through all graduate-level programs. More recently, we have expanded into business, professional and e-commerce based writing, so we now have pros to produce those types of products as well.

  • How long have you been around?

    We have been in business for several years. We began as a more simple academic writing service but have expanded over the years as we have added to our professional writing staff.

  • How do I contact you, and do you have an actual address and phone number?

    Yes, we have an actual address. On our site you will find three ways to contact us – telephone, live chat and email. We are open 24/7.

  • So, what makes you better than other writing services?

    First and most important, we only use degreed writers. Our research and writing staff is composed of real pros who have degrees that cover all academic disciplines, at all levels. If you are a grad student, for example, your writer will hold a Ph.D. in your field. If you are a high school student, your writer will have a Bachelor’s degree. In addition to the best writing staff on the planet, we have customer service that can’t be beat, open communication between clients and their writers, and a process in place to review and check every piece of writing before it leaves our doors. Nothing is left to chance!

The Staff at GetAcademicHelp.net

  • Where do your writers come from?

    We openly recruit writers continuously, so that as we grow we can accommodate increased business. When writers apply, they must submit their resumes or CV’s along with their degree credentials. Then they take tests in their fields, as well as English tests, to ensure that they have the knowledge and the scholarly writing expertise that we demand. In this way, we ensure that we have the best writers in the industry, in order to serve our customers well. For business and professional writing, the process is similar, but individuals must come from backgrounds in their writing fields (HR, business management, web design, content marketing, etc.) We control the assignment of projects to writers, so only a fully qualified writer will be completing an order.

  • How do I know a “real” writer is working on my order?

    When you come to us as a new customer, you will get an account page on our site that is password protected. And when you access that page, you will find that you can speak directly with the writer who is working on your order. We have nothing to hide, as do many other writing services! You can contact your writer at any time and discuss progress or provide more information. Likewise, your writer may contact you if s/he needs clarification on anything.

  • If I have problems with my order, how do I get in touch with you?

    Our customer support office is open around the clock, and you are urged to get in touch with us by phone, chat or email if you are experiencing any problems. We are here to resolve any problems you are having.

  • How do you make sure that my order is completed as I have instructed?

    No completed order ever goes from a writer directly to the customer. It goes to our editing room where it is reviewed for everything – authentic resources, proper formatting, scholarly composition, adherence to your instructions, and, always a plagiarism scan check to guarantee that it is an original piece of writing. When it is approved by this department, it is then cleared for delivery to you.

Legal Issues

  • Is your service legal?

    Of course. When you place an order with us, you are buying a product, just as if you were buying a book from Amazon. You have the freedom to purchase whatever you want, as long as the product itself does not violate any laws in your locale. Writing products violate no laws.

  • Do I have to reveal that I have used your service to my instructors?

    No you don’t. All business conducted between you and GetAcademicHelp.net is confidential and will always remain so. You tell who you want – it’s your decision!


  • How do I know that you are not just re-cycling old stuff?

    Other writing services do this – we never do! Every piece of writing is checked by our editing department, and, once you accept delivery, we trash it from our system. There is no chance of you ever receiving a work that was previously produced or that will be sold to anyone else. You own the products you receive from us!

  • Can you assure me of complete confidentiality?

    Yes, we can. Check out our Privacy Policy, and you will see that we never reveal personal information of any client to anyone else! And, on our site, your personal information is encrypted – you are only known by and ID number.

  • Do you guarantee that I will never receive something that is plagiarized?

    Yes, we do. And we check every single piece of writing for plagiarism. We will provide you with a scan report!

  • Is my credit card information secure?

    Yes, it is. We use a third-party processor with SSL certification - the same one used by other major retailers on the web. We don’t have access to your banking information at any time.

  • What happens if I don’t like the essay you have produced for me?

    If you get your final product and you are not 100% happy, just let us know what you want changed. You can do that on your account page or by contacting customer service. Your writer will revise that piece of writing until you are happy with it! We have a Revision Policy which you can review if you need more information.


  • How are your prices compared to others?

    We fully admit that our prices are a bit higher, but this is because we hire only the best writers in the industry, and we pay them well. Also, we produce a piece of writing for only one person – it is never re-cycled. But, you will find our prices reasonable, and we offer discounts and special pricing, which we advertise on our site.

  • How do I make payment, and when do I pay?

    You can use a credit or debit card, as well as e-check, wire transfer, or PayPal. We request payment at the time of order placement, and we cannot have a writer begin to work until that payment has been received.

Business Writing

  • What kinds of business writing do you do?

    We offer every type of business writing, to include proposals, plans, reports, white papers, news articles and press releases. Let us know exactly what you need and we will find the perfect writer for the task!

Career Services

  • So you have professionals who can construct my resume?

    Yes, of course. We have both designers and content writers who will use the latest tools and their great creativity to provide you with several versions of your resume, as you may need.

  • Can you re-write my CV?

    Yes, we can! We have academicians in all fields who can take what you have and revise it – it will be extraordinary and compelling.

  • Do you write cover letters?

    Absolutely, and they will be uniquely created for the company/organization to which they will be presented.

Copywriting Services

  • I need a website design – can you do this?

    We have both creative designers and content writers for these tasks. You will be thrilled with the results!

  • Can you develop my blog and a content marketing campaign?

    Glad you asked. We have an entire department devoted to this, to develop and maintain your blog, and to spread your brand all over the web!