Keep it Tidy: 9 Quick Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Desk Clutter-Free

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  • Date: 17 Feb, 2021
  • Posted by: Leah Thurber
  • Category: Study

Adults tend to treat their office as their second and their desk as like their bed. Thus, it would make sense to keep your desk neat and clutter-free. Doing it helps you boost productivity and allows you to get things done. With that goal in mind, here are nine quick cleaning tips that will help you achieve a clutter-free desk as often as possible:

Clean Up Before You Start Your Day

At Cleaning Exec Maid Service NYC, we believe that it would be best to start your day on the right foot. That's why, before you settle into work, you should take the time to declutter your desk and organize things. You'll be surprised how smoothly the transition to work will be when you clean up first. After all, you have the rest of the day to be deep in your work.

A few minutes to remove the clutter and organize the items on your desk, and set things up is but a short moment. Short it may be, but it's going to help you work better and wiser throughout the day.

Toss Trash Immediately

Speaking of getting rid of clutter, don't be lazy and leave any trash on your desk. It's best that the moment you have rubbish to toss, you get up and throw it into the bin immediately. That way, clutter and trash don't end up piling up on your desk, which will make you even lazier in terms of throwing your trash away immediately.

Aside from that, standing up and moving, even if it's to throw the trash away, is much-needed movement, especially when you've been sitting all day.

Declutter Your Desktop

A lot of workplaces these days are shifting towards a digital transformation. However, this digital shift comes with its side effects.

For example, many of us have a poorly organized desktop filled with icons and folders all over. Even if you have a system in place for it, you should take the time to manage your desktop on the PC anyway. Block off a chunk of time when all you do is organize your PC. Chip away at this task a little every day until you have a working organization system.

Get Rid of Dust Daily

Many items are lying around in the office, and all that equipment and knick-knacks can be home to dust.

If you have a sensitive nose or have dust allergies, it's in your best interest to get rid of dust daily. Even if you don't have a dust allergy or any sensitivities in that sense, you still don't want to have a sneezing fit because of dust. Thus, before you leave the office, wipe your desk as well as the computer or laptop on your desk. These are the ones that get dust build-up the most, so you want to make sure to get rid of the dust.

Throw What You Don't Need

Although we would like to personalize our work desks, sometimes, it's best to keep things minimal. If items are starting to get in the way of your job, it's time to do a decluttering session. This includes discarding things you don't need.

You'll find that your workspace seems more free and open once you get rid of the things on your table that doesn’t have anything to do with the work you're doing.

Get Digital

If paper and documents are a huge source of clutter for you, it may be time for you to go digital. Digitize everything that you can as much as possible. Not only is it more convenient cause you can access these documents anytime and anywhere, but it's also reducing the clutter around the office.

Create a Staging Area

Some projects require some room for you to finish, and they're not the type you can finish in the day. In this case, you should have a separate staging area for projects like these.

Your staging area is where you deal with ongoing and daily work that you can't efficiently finish within the confines of your desk. Doing so makes separating unrelated tasks easier.

Shelving System

More storage solutions outside your work desk is another great way to keep your desk as free of clutter as possible. It doesn't have to be a massive, wooden bookshelf. Hanging shelves are good enough. What's important is to have a system for how you organize your stuff.

Have Your End-of-Day Cleaning Routine

You shouldn't only start your day by cleaning your desk. You also have to end your day by doing that as well. That way, you won't have to do as much cleaning at the start of your workday. It won't even take you more than ten minutes to do, so before you clock out, make sure to clean your desk and organize everything.

You've Got This!

The nine quick cleaning tips listed above can help keep your work desk clutter-free, even when you are busy. Once you start building a habit of cleanliness, you'll find that it doesn't even take much of an effort to keep your desk clutter-free day in and day out.

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