Social Media Copywriting: Best Tips and Tricks

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  • Date: 30 Sep, 2019

Researching, analyzing, or seeking tips on how to get more traffic to your social media sites? This can be tricky, as it is difficult for a novice to know how to begin. In fact, some people are so concerned as to why there is not more traffic going to their social media platforms that they may become dispirited. This feeling may be due to having no idea where to begin, much less how to overcome the fear of looking at all the ideas on the web to find the best fit for their idea, product, or service. The following tips will assist you in developing the confidence and knowledge to steer you in the right direction.

  1. Create a clear unique selling position (USP)

The first step in social media copywriting is to have a clear unique selling proposition or USP. In other words, make your message clearly identifiable so it will attract the audience you are trying to reach. It has to be simple though, as this is most often what will be remembered no matter how much of a description you attach to your idea. Simply put, the USP must be clear, concise, and conveyed in a few words.

Once the USP is clearly stated, focus on the selling points of the idea. In other words, convincing someone that this idea will work for them. However, this should be presented as a conceptual idea to create some flexibility and creativity for a memorable format.

  1. Implement a build-burn-build strategy

Once interest is captured, utilize a “build-burn-build” strategy: hype the idea, touch upon some weaknesses and then explain the idea back to emphasize its importance. This strategy sells the idea by differentiating it when compared to others. This is a successful method, so be honest when identifying flawed ideas; touch on the weaknesses without investing too much time or detail.

  1. Use impactful words

The use of eye-catching words not only creates excitement but also makes the idea memorable. The most outlandish and craziest presentation is often the most indelible. The use of catchy words will remind customers of the original concept and ultimately, create more traffic.

  1. Personalize messages

Personalizing your message rather than trying to reach a large audience, fosters an individualized experience. For example, writing a simple message such as: “If you want millions of dollars in 30 days, I am talking to you!”, directs traffic to you by establishing an emotional connection. Once the emotional psyche of the individual is accessed, it is extremely difficult for them to become unattached.

  1. Create unconventional messages

Traditional formatting creates predictability in most messages. For example, in football, if the offense is on the 1-yard line, most coaches will try to run the ball straight up the middle since its only 1 yard. What if the coach called a play to throw the ball instead? This would not only catch the defense by surprise but also make the play memorable. This is the goal in social media copywriting, to create unique, unforgettable social media content.

  1. End with a directive

Finally, end with a specific command. Let the reader know what to do next: a call and order, a purchase, sign up for something, or to enroll now. Lead them to the desired result, since by now they want what you are offering. Don't forget to use social media management tools to make your work easier, especially if you manage several accounts. With these six tips and tricks, you are ready to begin social media copywriting, so get started!

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