The Ultimate Study Abroad Checklist

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  • Date: 20 Mar, 2016
  • Posted by: Leah Thurber
  • Category: Study

The Ultimate Study Abroad Checklist

You've done your research, you've selected the country and university where you will be studying, you've gone through the application process, and you've been accepted. Congratulations! You've accomplished something pretty amazing, and are sure to have a great experience studying abroad. Just don't lose sight of the fact that you have a lot to do between now and the time that you depart. Since our services at include assisting students in any way possible, we have decided to compile a checklist that you can use to make sure that you are ready to go when the time comes to board your plane.

Paperwork and Documentation

  • Send any required confirmation to your destination school
  • Sign the consent to have your transcripts sent from your home school to your new school
  • Have your passport photo taken and apply for your passport
  • Apply for your student Visa
  • Make sure your photo ID is up to date and valid
  • Obtain an official copy of your birth certificate
  • Research and if needed purchase travel insurance
  • Obtain up to date copies of your medical card and arrange to get any required immunizations or physicals and obtain a copy of your health records
  • Get copies of all prescriptions and a list of allergies

Travel Prep

  • Research airlines, fees, and purchase your tickets
  • Get a map of the airport in which you will be landing to understand how things are laid out
  • Buy comfortable airport slip-on shoes
  • Pack your carry on or back pack with a single change of clothes, a book or two, phone charger, laptop battery, toiletries, handheld game, and any other survival items for the trip
  • Pack clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other items into bags that are to be checked
  • Buy a travelers pouch to carry identification and other documentation that will be demanded on your journey


  • Inform your bank that you will be traveling abroad
  • If possible make your first currency exchange with your bank
  • Research opening an account in your destination country
  • Apply for an international student identity card
  • Apply for a credit card that can be used internationally
  • Research currency exchange locations in your destination country
  • Let your parents or significant other know how they can send money to you


  • Scope out things to do in your new city
  • Reach out to your host family or roommate on social media
  • Research clubs, sports, and other activities at your new school
  • Plan a few weekend trips
  • Download an app specifically for travelers
  • Make sure that your cables and chargers will work overseas
  • Research the cost, if any, of getting a wi-fi connection
  • If you will be traveling or living with students from your homeschool get to know them on social media and possibly arrange to meet beforehand
  • Make sure that your phone plan includes international coverage

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