The Best 6 Christmas Books of All Time For The Smart Sentimental or Slightly Warped Student

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  • Date: 07 Dec, 2017
  • Posted by: Leah Thurber
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The Best 6 Christmas Books of All Time For The Smart Sentimental or Slightly Warped Student

Generally, on holidays people are extremely busy with all the presents they have to get for their family and loved ones as well as holiday decorations and meal preparations. Thus, Christmas eve turns into a treadmill run for many of us. Although, each and every one of us get to have a quiet holiday evening relaxing in your favourite chair with a soft blanket by your side. A book would be a great company here and we have got something to offer.

  1. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Be honest. Did you really think that this book wouldn't be on any list about the best Christmas books of all time? This book hits it on all four cylinders. There are lessons to be learned that are delivered in an awesome way that doesn't involve lecturing. There are endearing characters. There's action. There's suspense. There is wicked humor. However, most importantly, there is a story about a village and a little girl that understands the meaning of Christmas more than the rest of us, and that understanding is illuminated in their willingness to embrace a stranger who once tried to do them harm.

  1. Twas The Night Before Christmas

“Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house...” This gentle, sleep inducing refrain introduces one of the most well known and sentimental Christmas books there is. Not only is this book the bed time story of choice on Christmas Eve for parents all over the world, the softly rhythmic writing and imagery are perfect for putting children to sleep by reminding them of the magic that is going to happen while they are resting.

  1. Christmas Letters From Hell

Christmas letters seem to fall into one of a few categories. The first is the Christmas letter that attempts to delude recipients into believing that life is wonderful. The second is an obnoxious, yet admittedly jealousy inducing list of accomplishment that muffy, buffy, and biff have made this year. The third, is the TMI letter. This is the Christmas letter that describes in great detail, gall bladder surgeries, marital separations, and the process of potty training the family schnauzer. 'Christmas Letters From Hell' brilliantly skewers this by writing fictionalized versions of Christmas letters that are dark, hilarious, and absolutely politically incorrect. In one letter, Santa delivers the bad news to his elves that he is going to be outsourcing their positions for the next holiday season.

  1. The Polar Express

It's heartbreaking when a child stops believing in the magic of Christmas. Sadly, children appear to be losing their belief in Santa Claus at a much younger age than they did a generation or two earlier. In real life, it is almost impossible un-ring that bell without working a miracle. Fortunately, in books, miracles are worked all of the time. In the Polar Express, a little boy goes to bed heartbroken on Christmas Eve, because a friend has told him that Santa is made up. He listens earnestly for sleigh bells and hears none. So, he falls asleep. When he wakes up, however, the Polar express has stopped to take him to meet Santa Clause.

  1. A Christmas Carol

This is another classic. If you have never read this classic tale by Charles Dickens, make it a priority to do so this year. There is no doubt that Dickens' work is dark and intense. In spite of this fact, there is also an abundance of humor and hopefulness in this story. This makes it impossible to dismiss the Scrooge character as fully incorrigible. In the end, the payoff is worthwhile. Scrooge does transform, but it happens in a way that doesn't feel manipulative or scripted.

  1. Skipping Christmas

The movie, 'Christmas With the Kranks' has become a bit of a cult classic. It features the story of a family who is so dysfunctional that they want to skip the holidays. From there, the holiday only becomes darker. Who knew the guy who brought us The Firm and The Client could also bring us this great Christmas story about people who just want to forget Christmas, but have everything go hilariously wrong.

It don't matter if you'll get a chance for a quiet evening to enjoy or a long way home where you can take a book with you and tune the Christmas spirit, just make sure you have a great holidays!

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