10 Effective Methods to Increase Your Motivation

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  • Date: 24 Aug, 2017
  • Posted by: Emily Brown
  • Category: Writing

Finding motivation to do the most basic daily tasks can sometimes be impossible. There’s just something keeping us down and we can’t shake the feeling of powerlessness. It’s even worse if you’re a college student or a worker, having to dedicate several hours a day to work. You feel down and you just want to go back to your bed. Sometimes not even the deadlines can help you. You have so much work to do and yet you fail to find the will to keep moving. Don’t worry; these are the things in which millionaires failed too. The important thing to know is that there are methods you can use in order to gain some motivation quickly and effectively. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Start fresh: The only way to make any kind of change in your life is to clench your teeth and go through with it. Whatever it is you’ve been thinking of doing lately, do it. As crazy as it seems, changing jobs might just be what you need after a while. If you’re in college, tell yourself you will do better from now on and change things about yourself. It’s never too late to take control of your life and simply start doing things differently than before.

Get some air: Working in a closed environment for hours on end can be not only suffocating, but demotivating. Give yourself regular breaks and go outside to get some fresh air. Your brain needs air in order to function properly, and you’re not doing it any favors by sitting in the office all day. It’s even better if there’s some greenery close to your studying place, since oxygen will feel even more refreshing coming straight from plants.

Superhero pose: When you spend hours on end just sitting in front of your desk and working, it’s normal to feel demotivated. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem; striking a superhero pose. Try getting up and putting your arms on your hips while keeping your head up. Or simply put your hands on the table and lean forward like a CEO would. This will give you a small kick of energy with no effort at all. Give it a shot whenever you are feeling down and there’s no end to your shift in sight.

Make a schedule: We often wake up without having any sort of plan for that day. This makes us unorganized and demotivated simply because we don’t have a clear goal for today. Try taking some time once a week to make a schedule. Have a small goal set for each day. This will help you have a purpose each day you wake up, go to work, study, or do whatever it is you have to do. You will feel like each day has a purpose; and it truly does, you just didn’t put it on paper before. What some of the most famous writers may teach you is that keeping a schedule of small goals for each day is a perfect way to live a life.

Eat your favorite food: Whether it’s chocolate, pizza or a hot-dog, treating yourself to your favorite food will quickly put a smile on your face. Make sure that you do this whenever you finish a big project or go home after a long day at college. It will make you feel like a brand new person simply because you are enjoying your favorite meal after doing so much hard work. Eating fish or nuts will even be beneficial to your brain, so there’s really no reason no to eat some of that delicious food you’ve been craving for.

Start a new hobby: For some its stamp collecting, for others it’s collecting comic books. Try searching for different hobbies and try looking for one that attracts you personally. It can be as far fetched as collecting all the books of a certain author or creating designs for the best 3d print models site, as long as it makes you feel motivated and energized to keep doing it and build on the foundations.

See your friends: Even if your friends are actually working with you, try going out for a drink or lunch. Getting as far away from work as possible will do wonders for your motivation simply because it will allow you to think straight and realize what it is that’s actually bothering you. Talking to friends can certainly do that and more, so be sure to take the initiative and ask them out to catch up and share a cup of coffee. They might even give you a brilliant new idea for your personal or professional life. Same goes for college studying and paper writing, and your colleagues might give you pointers as to hire writers online to help with that project that’s been bothering you.

Exercise: Start small, like jogging for ten minutes or doing a few push-ups and work your way from there. Exercising will not only make you more motivated, it will also make you feel comfortable in your own body. You might even be surprised as to how much energy you will gain from actually spending it on exercising. Not to mention how your heart and muscles will start feeling. With each passing day you will want to push yourself further and exercise more, getting your body into shape and keeping your motivation high.

Fix your sleeping schedule: While it may not be the prime suspect, it’s high on the list of demotivation factors. Having an irregular sleeping schedule of going to bed late and getting up at odd hours will make you cranky and nervous, not to mention lacking any sort of energy. Listen to a few episodes of edit sober podcast before going to bed. Try to sleep before midnight and get up early; you will start noticing the changes in your overall mood and daily energy.

Watch or read something motivational: Whether it’s an uplifting movie or a good book, it’s often a good idea to unwind and not do anything except move your eyes left and right. You will feel more relaxed and energized after a short reading session or a good video on the internet. Try searching for something that suits you and try sticking around to the end. You’ll start noticing the effect it has on your motivation after a short while.

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