5 Hardest College Classes

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  • Date: 19 May, 2016
  • Posted by: Leah Thurber
  • Category: Study

What makes a college class difficult. We discussed this in our offices and agreed to a few things. Academic difficulty is certainly a factor, but in order to qualify for our list, a class cannot simply be tough or require a lot of effort to pass. And it is not one of those free online courses with certificate of completion. It must be a true killer that causes students to fail or even switch majors. Then, there are classes that are not necessarily difficult because of the material, but difficult because the instructor has impossible standards or refuses to assist students who are struggling. However, don`t forget that all these classes, no matter how difficult they may be, still help you develop useful skills that make you more competitive on the job market and allow you to consider the most attractive job opportunities in USA and beyond.

Based on the aforementioned standards, we came up with this list of 5 classes that we believe are the most difficult. These are not offered as courses for online learning. Some are specific classes at specific schools, while others are classes offered at schools all over the country. You can also try summer programs for high school students to prepare for college classes. Check it out, and let us know what you think.

  1. Math 55 – Harvard

It may seem inconceivable that a freshman level math class could be that hard, but this one truly is. It is widely considered to be the most rigorous math class offered to undergraduates in the country. What makes this class so difficult? This class covers the material that is contained in a two-year honors math program. Think about that. It is hard to believe that any online learning program could provide such a huge amount of educational content. For most students, that is the entirety of what they would take in math classes in four years of school.

  1. Topics in Metaphysics an Epistemology – NYU

As Lorraine Berry, Human Resources Manager at HR software, states, "A philosophy class is one of the most difficult classes in the United States. However, this is not your average intro to Philosophy class. In order to survive in this class, you must be well versed in complex philosophical thought and have the ability to understand some really complex ideas and concepts."

  1. Organic Chemistry – Multiple Colleges

This class is known as the pre-med killer. This is because this is the one class that is known for causing many pre-med students to switch majors to something a bit less rigorous. Not only does organic chemistry require that students learn new concepts, there is a huge amount of things that must be memorized

  1. Thermodynamics – Multiple Colleges

Like organic chemistry, this is another course that is designed to get students whose talents and level of dedication are not up to par when it comes to elite engineering programs. Students who make it through thermodynamics are generally seen as shoe-ins who will have no problem making it to graduation, and who are sure to get into the graduate programs of their choice.

  1. Monetary Economics – University of Texas

This course is well-known for being extraordinarily difficult. This is in part due to the rigorous nature of the business program at the University of Texas, and also in part due to the instruction and classroom management style of the instructor. Students who have taken the class mention that the instructor makes little to no effort to insure that the material is understood and that the material itself is poorly organized and confusing.

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