5 SAP Related Courses for Working Professionals

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  • Date: 10 Jan, 2020

Sitting in the same job for many years in spite of looking for a career change? No more worries. When researched the top most professional course that has a huge demand in career, we have found the answer to the long-awaited question. Yes, SAP related course, the best accounting software for small business.

Another big question that arises in people's minds is what courses you can learn to have a good career profession. We provide you with all the information regarding your career set all under one roof. Here in this blog, we will see the top 5 SAP related courses for working professionals.

While we have so many SAP related courses that enhance your career, the first thing is to identify where you stand what suits you. For this, you need to have a clear idea of your career goals and your domain experience along with your qualifications. Having all this in mind now you can join the SAP course in Chennai and choose from one of the SAP related courses listed below.

SAP Finance

SAP Financial Accounting helps a company to boost its finance management. Finance plays a vital role in every business you do and hence proper management would help for its betterment. Have you ever thought what will happen if a single person handles all the financial accounting, it would be more stressful and frustrating to manage there comes you SAP Finance course which helps you to overcome this issue with simple techniques.

Let’s see some of the highlights of this course,

All general ledger accounts are managed by general ledger accounting for reporting, chart of accounts is termed to a set of all general ledger accounts that the companies or a group of companies use with SAP. The main purpose of these accounts is to prepare financial statements. It also helps you to display the balance and trail balances extracted in the general ledger accounts.

Another main concept in SAP Finance is the receivables, the submodules that capture transactions with each and every customer along with the management of customer accounts called Accounts Receivables.

Accounting of Asserts and Bank transactions is an important feature in SAP Finance, all the asserts in the entity is listed with all the transactions along with its management. Even the bank transactions of the customers and for all the goods purchased in the company is captured and made sure to cross verify with the transactions in the system for further reference.

SAP MM (Materials Management)

SAP MM plays a role in purchasing and inventory management in your company. This includes the materials or the services that you purchase o deliver it can be both local or imports.

Master data is one of the major concepts in SAP MM, it holds the base of your core data that consist of all the transactions of your company. Maintaining a master data is mandatory whenever you are transferring stock, producing, selling or purchasing goods. The master cad holds the data such as information of the materials in the transactions, complete customer and vendor information, it holds the information of the price quoted and even the place of the warehouse.

When you purchase a material its purchasing details are maintained and it helps in moving this step to the next level. The next level holds an important place, inventory management. It holds all the information about the goods issued and the receipt of the goods arrived.

Pricing of the goods is the last concept of the SAP MM course as it also plays a major role. MM module helps you to determine pricing from the purchasing documents.

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)

All the business functionalities such as inquiry, sales order management quotations and debit and credit memos are handled with SAP Sales and distribution. It also takes its place in a business process such as selling, billing a product and shipping. This module is highly connected with SAP MM and SAP PP.

SAP Sales and distribution sales assist you to handle the minute details of each sale that's happening. Ranging from recording the merchandise to client details, pricing, feedback, everything is tracked with the help of this module.

Billing is the most vital part of the sales and distribution method. Customers are given an alternative way to pay via on-line media or cash at the time of delivery. This module helps you to keep all the tracks of the billing data in a structured way.

SAP PP (Production and Planning)

Time is recorded in this module, the time that it takes to set up a machine, the time consumed for manufacturing a product and the time of the employees put in for the process of producing a product. The scope of the PP component is production wastage, by-products and co-products.

Production planning is a method of positioning demand with producing capability to form production and obtaining schedules for finished merchandise and element materials.

SAP PP module tracks each and every record of the process of the manufacturing flow, it also helps you to compare the actual cost with the planned cost estimated. It also gives you a clear track of the process which is involved and stage of the product. It also shows you the conversion of the materials from the raw material to the semi-finished good or product. It also helps you to know the exact quantity required to finish the product and even the list of the components which are needed.

SAP HCM (Human Capital Management)

With this ideal framework, the HR department will enjoy using the administration and payroll documents. The SAP HCM also known as SAP HR allows you to maintain a record-keeping process as an automation process. It permits the organization to represent the structure plans and analysis of the concern plan. It additionally permits you to make further plans and build higher progress management.

Another important module in SAP HCM is personnel administration, its major work is to record the complete information of the employee. It holds the data of joining date, travel expenses and attendance.

Happy career!!!

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