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  • Date: 03 Feb, 2020

Whenever you are looking for Email marketing, your next step is to choose the best SMTP servers that must help you reliably send emails from your website to your users. These SMTP servers are configured in such a way that, they ensure your emails must reach your user’s Inbox, not into junk files or any other email folder.

What is an SMTP server & what is its use?

An SMTP server is an email server that transports emails from a sender to at least one or more than one user on the Internet and forwards them as per the SMTP network protocol guidelines. A significant capacity of the SMTP server is to avoid spam, using validation methods, through which just approved and genuine clients can send emails.

Use of SMTP server

SMTP servers play a major role in the correct transmission of emails to the Users, in which several servers are involved from the outgoing mail server, External forwarding mail server and incoming mail server.

As a matter of course, WordPress is designed to send emails utilizing PHP. This is the initial problem why users report the problem of Wordpress unable to send mails.

Why we use SMTP servers?

There are various issues with inbuilt mail methods in Wordpress or any other platform. Most of the hosting providers don't properly provide proper mail system with them. And Mostly they disable them by default to avoid misusing it.

Abusing this default mail system is in common practice for spamming or sending misleading emails in bulk. Because they don't provide proper authentication.

Regardless of whether the mail work is chipping away at your WordPress hosting, now and then your WordPress emails may, in any case, end up in spam on the grounds that most spam channels will confirm sender email, area, space name, and it would signal your site email as suspicious or spam.

The best way to fix this issue is by utilizing an SMTP server to send WordPress emails.

Here are a list o best Free SMTP servers that are mentioned below, which would definitely help you.

List of best Free SMTP servers

1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is one of the very popular and easy to use SMTP server available today with additional features like API support, Plugins, Integrations, you can send transactional or standard email campaigns and even you can have Import/export features for email data.

Even it is very easy to integrate your WordPress site with the Sendinblue SMTP server. You can send up to 9000 emails per month Free. And to expand your monthly limit you can pay as per their plans, which are started at very minimal cost as compared to other SMTP servers available.

2. Mailjet

Mailjet is a popular SMTP server among many developers and various marketing businesses. As one of the world's driving email service suppliers, Mailjet's powerful conveyance framework sends billions of emails to the inbox consistently. Effectively arrange your free SMTP server service in minutes and find how our foundation will assist you with sending your emails quicker.

3. Amazon SES

 Amazon SES or Amazon Simple Email Service is a cloud-based email sending service provider specially designed to help for all types of marketers such as Digital marketers who rely on Email marketing and also for developers who are responsible for sending promotional, transactional, and notification to the users. As compared to other Email Service providers, Amazon provides a very reliable and very cost-effective service for all sizes to ensure contact with its customers. It is very easy to integrate your Amazon SES software with your existing one.

4. Google SMTP server

Google's Gmail SMTP server is a free service for any individual who has a Gmail account. You can utilize this SMTP server to send free email messages from the most loved web application.

In the event that you don't have a Gmail account, you can make one on the GMail account creation page.

5. Mailgun

Among other SMTP servers, Mailgun is also very popular is a popular service provider, especially for Digital marketers, Businesses Or developers.

For Transactional Emails, Mailgun provides a Strong and powerful Application program Interface or API.

They provide a flexible and quite easy system in which you can integrate it with your existing Wordpress website. With the help of Mailgun, you can easily scale up your business whether it is small or big,  eCommerce or other businesses, From marketing emails to transactional emails.

6. Postmark

Postmark is another simple to utilize an SMTP service supplier for sites, advertisers, and firms. It offers to help quick email conveyance with a more straightforward valuing and simple combination. Sending value-based emails is their mastery, which implies they are centered around deliverability and speed. They offer simple to follow email analytics, account security, versatile amicable responsive layouts, message occasions activated with basic webhooks, and the sky is the limit from there.


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