7 Tips To Write A Great Content Marketing That Attracts Readers

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  • Date: 19 Feb, 2020

There is no denying that great content marketing is a vital part to make a successful website. People need high-quality articles to engage their visitors and get more traffic to their website. Nowadays, the demand for high- quality content is constantly increasing. If you don’t write something unique, you’re not connecting the readers.

So how to write a great content article that attracts readers and not be forgotten? When readers click on it, they scroll down and read happily. Below are some tips that help you write perfect writing that attracts readers.

General and Essential skills

Ever heard the saying, content is king? It certainly is, even more so when writing about real estate investment. This is where content marketing techniques come in handy. They help attract the reader's attention. 

GoldCrest  is a buyer's agent firm that provides useful information and tips into understanding and unlocking the real estate investment market in Portugal. 

It has its own niche, making use of its latest topics to provide detailed and helpful information. The company has a clear vision of where it stands and who its competitors are, two important qualities when considering content marketing.  But it differentiates itself from its competitors on how it approaches the subject of real estate. Content marketing should be if anything, fun, and each sentence should captivate and inspire your audience to keep reading. Keeping these tips in mind, you'll quickly nail the best way to communicate with your audience.

1. Researching Competitors

It's hard to find a topic that hasn't been mentioned yet, especially in a content-rich field like marketing. You need to narrow the topics through find out the highest-ranking content. You need to seek out what content performs best for your competitors. When you know what topic works for your competitors, you can use them to brainstorm ideas for your own blog articles.

Besides, if readers are sharing articles from competitors’ website, it is a good chance for you to write similar high-quality content because readers can share them from your site as well. You can simply engage readers by approaching the topic from another perspective.

2. Ideas on the Topic

Each topic idea needs to come from a study. People often search for content on the web. If no one does a search, no matter what your content is good or not, no one will find it. It is better to find out trends that readers always pay attention to. Try searching for ideas in places where people ask questions and want answers. Search problems that people are dealing with and can't solve on their own. Ask yourself how can you bring a good quality answer to them?

There are tons of high-quality content written. If the current content is very insightful, give an overview of it. If the current content is only general, let's go deeper into the matter. Try to approach your topic from a new perspective.

3. Write Long, High-Quality Content

When you write long content, you are appealing to a broader range of readers. Readers tend to read long articles because they bring them more information. Moreover, they’ll hang in there if your post is well-written. You are able to answer multiple questions all in the same post. As a result, more people will stay on the page for longer.

Besides, long content is better for SEO because Search engines tend to give preference to longer articles. Therefore, your content will be able to rank high. It is better to write long content with more 1000 words or more. You’d better divide long content into short paragraphs.

In addition, with long content, there is more space for backlinks and other references. As a result, you can link to relevant websites from your own site. You can drive readers to visit other posts easily. However, you shouldn’t use too much source in your article because it will likely overwhelm your readers.

So it’s time to start the right SEO content marketing strategy to write perfect content that engage audiences.

4. Do Research the Keyword

The keyword plays an important role in your successful post. So make sure that you make search keywords before writing. When you have more keywords, you can more ideas to write a much better article.

When people look anything up on Google or any other search engine, they use keywords. The keyword can be short phrases, simple words, and even complex sentences. If your article doesn’t include these keywords, your readers can’t find you. So always try to seek out keywords and phrases people are searching for. Of course, focus on particular keywords.

Moreover, you also try to find out niche keywords in your article. You need keywords with high search volumes. With these keywords, you can write many more detailed articles.

5. Create a Catchy Title

There is no doubt that a catchy title will attract more audiences. Tittle is the first attraction to attract your readers' eyes. If you have a catchy title, readers might want to discover the content of your article.

An article attracts readers not only in quality content or sharing useful information but also in the right way of writing the title of that article. In SEO, if your website is on TOP 1 Google but the title of your article is not enough to attract audiences, it is likely that the rate of click to your website is less than other sites. So creating a catchy title is the first thing you need to do when planning to write an SEO article.

To have a catchy title, you should use keywords, numbers, lists, and more. The title needs to be concise, attractive, curious, stimulating readers to click on your article.

6. You’re Standing Out in Your Niche

Do you want to be noticed in your niche? Do you want to get more traffic on your website? To do this, your articles and writing methods need to stand out. If you are standing out in your niches, readers can find out you easily.

You should focus on your strengths and develop a recurring theme in your articles. When writing the articles, think about creating a connection with the reader. Always try to answer important pieces of information such as what to do, how to do it, and why. Be transfer your tips as well as advice clearly and keep engaged without going over their heads.

7. Use Video and Images

To make your article eye-catching in the first appearance, you should combine text, pictures, and videos in your article. Because video and images will stand out and attract readers. When readers are scanning through a copious amount of text, they are most likely to stop at the video or images. They are usually very lazy to read too much text.

In addition, video increases the time spent on your blog posts. For example, readers maybe click on the video if it stands out in the midst of all text in the blog post. However, make sure the videos are straight to the point.

In conclusion

Hopefully, these content marketing tips will help you write great content that attracts audiences. Now it’s time to make the right planning and research to develop your own website. In addition, if you don’t have enough time to create valuable content, you can consider purchasing content marketing services. They help you to create quality content and ensure your potential customers see it. It is a way to streamline your content marketing. Plus, you can find out more ways to minimize your cost on Couponxoo.com and Goodinfohome.com.

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