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  • Date: 12 Dec, 2019
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I often get asked the question “How can I advance in my iOS career.” What all of the things I should learn and master in order to become a well known developer? How can I add more value to my career as an iOS developer? All of these questions all lead to only one thing. That is the ability to amplify your iOS career and making it worthwhile at the same time providing value to your peers and colleagues. In this blog, we are going to discuss what all the things that you need to do so that you can take your iOS career to the next level. So stay tuned and read on to gain valuable information.

What can iOS developers do to take their career up a level?

I always say to my peers and also to my young friends, that you need to have some amount of passion in any work that you do, This same line also is valid and goes perfectly to any work that you take up and wish to do. If you have the passion and the drive for your subject and you love what you do then you will enjoy every worth of it doing and will immediately begin to see successful results in your work.

If you are keen in taking your iOS career to the next level, the things that you need to do are important. Take up a mentorship program. Help your fellow colleagues and peers in learning new iOS skills and techniques. Join a group membership forum and share your thoughts and viewpoints in the areas that you are aware about in iOS and also be open to any viewpoints that others might have in designing or solving a particular problem. Start a blog and share the things that you love the most about iOS and the challenges that you faced and how you overcame them. Sharing is caring, and doing this will help you to be recognized in the work that you do every day as an iOS developer. And also help you in gaining a valuable audience for the topics that you write about for iOS. You can also do one more thing is that try and give tutions about the topics in iOS that you are master in and share your knowledge with others. If you want you can also charge a fee. But I recommend that you do not charge initially because you want to make sure that you spread awareness about the field topic and become well known for it. And not initially charging fees for it will help to you distribute knowledge for free without having any hurdles for your acclaimed method to be famous for the knowledge that you have about iOS.

Try to design apps that help make the world a better place for humans to live in, With your knowledge in iOS, try to solve problems that others face in their programming endeavours. Tutor and mentor other budding programmers and help them to achieve and reach the level that you are at. Doing this will help you to be recognized in the field that you work for iOS.

How quickly can developers expect to see results from the changes they make?

As discussed above doing mentorship and training colleagues will help you in getting the recognition you deserve, not only in the iOS field but also in as a better human being as well. Also try and join a mentorship program in which you are mentored by a master who knows some iOS concepts better than you and will also help you to gain knowledge in the areas that you are weak at. Similarly also share your knowledge and findings with the outside world that will help you to be known for solving technical problems faced in iOS development.

Join an iOS training program and partner with the company to impart training to budding programmers and fellow students. Doing this will help you to share your immediate iOS knowledge and know how with other programmers as well. Try and solve the difficulties that other programmers face while designing applications for iOS and help them to achieve their development goals.

 These things will help you to see results in the fields that you are master in. Tutoring and mentorship will take you to the next level in programming and get you the name and fame that you are looking for.

What can you do to raise your profile as an iOS Developer?

You are looking to upgrade your knowledge form an iOS developer to a Senior iOS developer.

Try and gain some insights as to how to achieve the best coding practices and cool techniques that always trouble emerging and budding programmers face problems in. Help them with your knowledge and be known for it. Try to be the go to guy for any kind of iOS problems that your peers and colleagues face and help them to solve their programming problems in the best and most efficient way possible. Be known for it. As they say try to do one thing and do it best, Do it in the most righteous and efficient way possible.  Doing this will uplift your iOS knowledge and career as a mentor, guru and as a smart programmer and developer. Enroll yourself in teaching and training other budding programmers and join an iOS training company or firm. This will help you to spread knowledge that you have and enable you to gain valuable insights and experience that others face in their development efforts.

What should iOS Developers be looking for in the companies that they apply to/work for?

Honestly speaking, you need to look for the love and passion in the work that you do. Be in in any field or any work environment. If you enjoy the work that you do, you are sure to find the love that you need in your work. You need to look for a boss that guides you in your best efforts, mentors you as well as encourages you to put your best foot forward in everything that you do at work. Also your manager needs to allow you to make mistakes and learn from it. At every point make learning your best friend and learn your way through your work. If your manager is supportive about the tasks that you do then you can easily excel in the work you do as an iOS developer. Your aim needs to be set to something that will help you to excel in your work environment and help you to challenge yourself for everything new that comes to you.

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