Top 5 Apps to Increase Workforce Efficiency

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  • Date: 11 Jul, 2019
  • Posted by: Leah Thurber

Your organization must maintain its style to manage the workforce but are you getting the maximum output out of the resources? Employees working extra hours do not assure that you are gaining. Stop involving your people with many issues for the betterment of your business. Focus on efficiency avoiding wastage of valuable resources, creative efforts, interesting ideas, and precious work time in doing something or in producing the desired result. Automating the business process also helps to increase productivity at work by leveraging the resources and eliminating repeated works. You may choose to create an app that will meet the specific requirements of your business. It will probably work well but might take more time and effort. Here, we`ve made a list of top 5 apps that work incredibly to increase workforce efficiency today.

Personnel Database

Human resources are vital assets of any company. Today, HR software for small business with 50 employees or large companies that employ thousands is used to record employee information, their demographic data, contact details, emergency contact details, preferences, and so on. It helps to develop inter-communication among the employees; for any urgency, anyone can get the contact details or emergency contact details of an employee. Using the personnel database, you can know about the preferences of your colleague and can celebrate special days like birthdays, anniversaries, and kids’ birthdays. These cordial interactions make the employees feel obliged and encourage them to not only perform their tasks but also help others. Cooperation among the employees increases productivity using the same resources.

Asset Tracker

Managing assets and optimizing operational costs are always challenges for any enterprise. Asset Tracker automates the process of allocating assets, logging their status, tracking the user, and maintaining the reusables. It raises accountability among the employees, and they become more caring for the allocated assets. The impact increases the lifetime of assets and saves a considerable amount of earmarked for the replacement or maintenance of the assets. There is no other way to save millions of dollars each year from being dissipated for the negligence of users.

Fleet Manager

Corporate pull cars, delivery vehicles, or vehicles of transportation business; whatever the purpose is, managing those is vexatious. A fleet management system eases your business by automating the booking, maintenance schedule, location tracking, fuel log, assigning drivers, and driver identification. It assures maximum utilization of the resources eliminating the chances of leaving any vehicle idle and assigning other vehicle excessive workloads. Fleet manager smoothens the operation process and on the other hand, helps enterprises to save a significant amount balancing workloads on the vehicles and scheduling maintenance at the right time.

Visitor Track

Enterprises need to manage many visitors every day for their business needs. Buyers, suppliers, foreign delicate, and many other people may become your visitor. You may need to record their details but you could not restrict visitors. To manage visitors effectively and to ensure enriched visitor experiences, a visitor management system works like a wizard. You may need to schedule a meeting, register a visitor, issue a digital badge or send push notifications; Visitor Track facilitates all of these. Besides, it allows blacklisting any individual or persons from an enterprise creating an alert. Visitor Track also reduces administrative costs by replacing plastic or paper-based ID cards and associated printers.

Circle Care

A healthy team drives the organization towards its goal. A corporate wellness program engages employees to practice healthy living and leaving stress. Caring employees to being healthy and relieving pressure create a positive impact on them, and they become grateful to the organization considering that their employer is concerned about their wellbeing. Spontaneously they start to provide their maximum effort to the organization that raises productivity and increases workforce efficiency.

All of the above apps are available on a SaaS platform (Software-as-a-Service) and suitable for any business sizes. Automate the business process using these must-have apps to increase workforce efficiency.

Also, among other tools that might be useful for teams, there are digital solutions for creating a collaborative environment. Such tools don`t only speed up the process of making decisions and implementing ideas, but it also helps to change the perspective and find creative ways to solve issues.

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