Improve Your English Skills: Six Ways to Career Success

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  • Date: 24 Mar, 2020

English is one of the most widely used languages in the world, next to Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. And with over 60 countries worldwide using it as the vernacular, even the business world is not an exception. 

While English is considered to be a universal language, some people are still having a hard time expressing themselves using it.

Ways and tips have been available for those who want to improve their English skills for work communications. But for some, even learning the language still remains a big challenge.

You may find yourself in the same boat, but do not worry. Here are six ways to improve your English skills and use them as a ladder to success:

Widen your vocabulary

Sometimes, the key to success is by taking things one step at a time. By widening your vocabulary, you are letting yourself learn bit by bit.

It is important that when you start to learn something, you should avoid making yourself feel overwhelmed too. Because the moment you experience that, the feeling of being pressured kicks in. And then just like dominoes, you could forget everything ‒ even your objective why you want to improve your English skills in the first place.

Therefore, take it easy and learn in baby steps. Familiarize yourself with three to five words every day, perhaps. Know their meanings and make sure to use them in a sentence too as a way of practice.

In a week, that will be 35 words without you even noticing it.

Enhance your English writing

Studies have shown that you enhance your memory skills when you write things down. And true enough, after widening your vocabulary, you may put it into practice by jotting down your sample sentences. 

When you write, you also get to familiarize yourself with how the words are spelled out. You also work on organizing your thoughts and ideas. If you find writing too complex, prepare an outline so you do not get swayed and still be concrete with your point.

Enhancing your writing skills helps you in the future as you prepare your resumés to land that dream job.

Immerse yourself in English

Other people learn by practice, while some learn by listening. 

Either way is an exemplary method of improving your English skills because both let you immerse yourself in the language. 

If your hobby is to watch movies, continue to do so. But make sure to watch English movies and listen to English news too. And if you can, you may also move into a country where English is used as the vernacular.

That way, you do not only immerse yourself in it. It also allows you to practice speaking the language too in all ways possible.

Express your daily thoughts in English

Create an outlet where you can express your thoughts in English every day. May it be a diary, a journal, or a blog. Any means that you feel comfortable doing and make sure to write as much as you can. You may also find local language exchange partners to learn a language together.

Start by describing what kind of day is it. You may do it while in a park and while you are indulged in the warmth of nature. Or while you are in the comfort of your favorite cafe and as you sip that favorite coffee of yours. 

Also, do not be afraid to make mistakes, because only then you get to start learning in-depth. 

Commit to practicing often

No one starts off learning something overnight and then come out flawless. 

You have to be committed to learning how to write in English, converse in English, and even think in English.

Although no one is perfect and expects to perform mistakes along the way, that does not mean that you have to stop practicing as well. 

Try a practice test

It is easy to learn English in a calm environment. But when you put yourself in a practice test, where there is time limitation, learning is even more effective. 

According to ELA English School Auckland, taking a practice test and nailing one gives you an extra boost of confidence that you would definitely need. When you feel like things are getting harder as you go along, a practice test can motivate you, on the other hand.

Doing so is practical whether you are learning English for your personal need or for you to be able to teach others. Also, your test results could serve as a good recommendation if you are trying to look for a job where English is the number one language used.


Learning the English language can be hard and overwhelming at the same time. However, with proper practices and bags of commitment allows you to improve your skills.

The next thing you know, you are confident and fluent to strike a conversation with a native English speaker. 

So just keep going, no matter how fiddly it gets. Remember, nothing comes easy. But when you keep your eye on the goal, surely the prize is priceless. 

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