Should Students Fight for the Right to a Free Education?

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  • Date: 24 Jan, 2018
  • Posted by: Emily Brown
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Is Education Something Worth Fighting For?

If you are a student trying to finance your college education, you know the drill. Fill out all of the paperwork for financial aid, spend hours in the financial aid office getting everything verified and then finally getting the award amount. Now that will take care of some of the costs, but you will need to take out student loans for the rest – bummer. Because when you graduate, all of that money has to be re-paid, at interest. And right now that interest is 7% at best.

The average student loan debt owed by students when they graduate with a Bachelor’s degree is $35,000. That’s far more than a down payment on a home. The payments that students must make on their loans prohibit them from doing many things as young adults – buying a new car or a home, having some flexibility in career decisions, etc. It is pretty difficult, for example, to start your own business if you already have this kind of debt looming over you. And for student who go on to graduate and professional programs, the debt can total $100,000 or more.

The Case for Free College Education in America

There are a number of arguments in the fight for free college. Here are the most important ones that should “strike a chord” with students and their parents.

  1. Education has always been the great equalizer in this country. For this reason, free public education, K-12 was established in all of the states over 100 years ago. The idea was that everyone had a right to schooling that would make them competitive for good jobs. Now that K-12 education is not preparing kids for competitive careers. They need education beyond high school. Students from poor and middle-class families cannot afford college today. Many choose not to go. And so, education is no longer the great equalizer that it once was.
  2. The growing total student debt in this country is to the point where it will begin to impact our entire economy negatively. As two generations now enter the workforce which huge amounts of debts, they will not be the kinds of consumers that previous generations were. This will impact the housing and automobile industries especially and all of those secondary industries that are related to these big two. As well, investments in stocks and bonds will decline, and corporations that depend upon investors to grow will no longer have such a large pool.
  3. Every other major developed nation in the world, and even a majority of developing and under-developed nations offer free college educations to their young people. They realize the value that such an educated populace can be to their economies. Only in America, do our government institutions not see this value.

There are Opposing Arguments Which Can be Refuted

  1. Probably one of the most hypocritical situations regarding free college is that our Congressmen and Senators who oppose it will never feel the consequences of their decisions. The vast majority of our lawmakers are very wealthy and their children and grandchildren will go to college without incurring any debt. They will never experience first-hand what it means to be in such debt.
  2. The other major argument is that it will be too costly and will mean that taxes will have to be raised in order to fund such a program. Yes, taxes will go up for everyone, including the rich, to fund such an endeavor. But the percentage of increase will be far less to families than those college educations are costing. And there are places to get additional tax monies, if the commitment were there.

How You Can Fight

Pressure must be placed on lawmakers to get this done. High school seniors and college students are all of voting age in this country. They need to support and vote for those candidates who support free education, K-16.

A massive letter writing campaign needs to occur. These letters must outline the arguments for free education and the terrible economic impact that student loan debt will have on this country in the very near future. If you want to be a part of this campaign and are a bit unsure about writing a compelling letter, our services can assist you.

It’s Your Future

You may already be in the throes of student loan debt. But if it continues for the next generation, you will be inheriting a country that will have massive economic problems with very little way to turn those around.

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