7 Top Gadgets for College Students

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  • Date: 20 Sep, 2017
  • Posted by: Emily Brown
  • Category: Study

7 Top Gadgets for College Students

Who says our love for toys must disappear when we become adults? Do we ever really outgrow our affection for nifty little gadgets that keep us entertained, organized, and that makes our lives a little more convenient. College students especially are known for their love of devices, gadgets, and other tech gear. However, college students are also known for being more than a little finicky when it comes to the quality and ease of use of the gadgets that they buy. This is why we decided to do a bit of research for students using our services and explore how to choose and buy best gadgets that are available college students today.

  1. Chromecast

Chromecast is Google's streaming service. The Chromecast dongle simply plugs into the HDMI port of a flat screen or other devices, and costs less than $30. Once plugged in, students can access not only Google's streaming content, but also Netflix, Deezer, and YouTube. This nifty little device can save students tons of money on bloated monthly cable bills, and provides them with portable streaming access as long as they have wi-fi and a display.

  1. A Budget Priced Tablet

Tablets can be found at prices as low as 39.99. This makes now, a good time to run out and buy one of these cheap, but handy little devices. Even if a student has a smartphone and a device they prefer to use at home, the tablet is still a convenient purchase for the school day. This is because the larger display works much better with note taking apps, and other school related utilities than mobile phones. Besides, no student is going to regret having an extra device in the event that one of their 'go to' devices fails.

  1. FitBit Flex

Sleeping, eating, and staying fit are three areas in which almost all college students struggle. This simple piece of wearable technology can help students track how they are sleeping, the amount of exercise they are getting in each day, and even help them keep up with the foods they are eating. This is a great way for students to learn when they are beginning to develop bad habits, and what they need to do to get these habits under control.

  1. Smartphone Projector

This one is pure fun. Smartphone projectors can be purchased as kits online, or they can even be fabricated from items found around the house. These neat little gadgets can be used to project any video or streaming content from a smartphone onto a wall, sheet, or other flat, light colored surface. This allows college students to invite friends over for movie night, or a binge watching session of the hottest shows on Netflix or Google Play.

  1. Sony PSP Go

When it comes to portable gaming devices, the 3DS tends to get all the attention. That may change now that the PSP Go is available. Students can enjoy playing some of Playstation's best game offerings on the go with this neat, highly portable, little device that has an astounding amount of memory and built in wi-fi.

  1. Energi+ Backpack

This high tech backpack isn't just designed to store a student's beloved electronic devices, it is equipped with a 42A battery that can be used to charge multiple mobile devices while the student is on the go. This means no more searching for outlets at coffee shops and libraries.

  1. A Wireless Printer

Thankfully, most professors have adapted to modern technology and allow students to upload or email assignments. However, there are still a few that insist upon receiving hard copies of papers, essays, and other documents. A wireless printer is a relatively inexpensive way for students to print out documents without cluttering their space with more plugs and wires, and without having to run to the library each time they need to print something out.

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